Monday, February 22, 2010

Synth32 - Update

As some may know the initial Synth32 boards arrived a few weeks ago, and I have been populating the boards. In the fashion of a true prototype there are some errors which the version 2 board will not have, additionally there are some things I deliberately omitted which will be included such as a 5th order low-pass filter, and on board power supply which includes +5, +3.3, and -5 volts for better amplification.

The revision 2 board is in every respect better than the first. A great number of ideas have been explored and the board is much tighter with a better layout, and access to every pin will now be a reality with very large pads. I think everyone will be pleased.

The second order of proto-boards will happen in the next few weeks after routing of the new board is completed. Please be patient as I want to eliminate all bugs before I do a larger order for these boards.

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