Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Snow Leopard

Well after some growing pains installing Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6, everything is running as normal. I encountered an issue with my HP LaserJet 1020 not working, as a result of the update. This has been a consistent problem when using an HP printer with my Mac's. The solution was quite simple if you know where to look, OpenPrinting for OSX - HP using Foomatic. One of the main selling points of the OS update was improved printer support, but this one area seems to be problematic, I realize that apple uses the GNU Cups development initiative for its printing however, for some the PDD (postscript printer description) files are just as equally important. However they are not integrated into the OS or at times difficult to find. Regardless the issue is now resolved and the solutions are now posted.

I also find it interesting how much of your computer system you can setup from just within your web browser now. For instance CUPS printing can be setup using http://localhost:631/, which is just one example. Firefox has about:config although it attempts to scare you into not using it. A better description of about:config hacks can be found here

My Apple Support Forums Post - dioioib with the solution to HP LaserJet 1020 printing issues in Snow Leopard.