Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PS3: Because sony doesn't listen

Because the sony blog will not let me post this I am posting it here for all who care:
Wow, I am infuriated.

The otherOS feature is the only reason I bought PS3 and not Xbox360. This feature was foremost a selling point for the system. And as such you misrepresented the product. By forcing this update you are retracting on a buyers agreement, and have hamstrung the product I originally purchased.

As Beathose states I too purchased a $699 PS3 console with otherOS functionality. Now I am getting the functionality of a $299 console. Patching for security reasons is a ridiculous excuse. There are only two possible solutions to correct this problem. #1 Sony refunds every customer the difference in value of the original systems to the new cheaper system. or #2 you can reinitialize the otherOS functionality.

I realize that option #1 would ruin your company but I am sick of being bullied by Sony Corporation.

I personally will be contacting a lawyer to discuss the matter further. When I purchased this unit it was specifically for the otherOS functionality, and the game console side of things was secondary to this. The classification of this unit being a computer system and not game console could be argued as this system lacks critical functionality as a computer system.

The fact remains Sony is one of many companies, which can get away with treating its customers like this. Aside from removal of the otherOS feature we also have to be aware that now devices like my PSP will have limited functionality, especially with remote play. Most of what I have purchased in the SonyStore will be inaccessible, as the unit no longer lets you login to your PSN account. So this unit no longer has internet connectivity for a number of things. This was not the unit I purchased, and this was not part of the agreement for the other content I purchased. Additionally, this unit would not classify as a computer system in anyone's mind without critical features like internet connectivity.

flowjo69, as you state the PS3 is a gaming console however, what you fail to realize is the unit was marketed in a variety of ways, including a full Linux compatible computer system. The classification of the product for import is also that of a computer system. So I am curious to know if you have the newer and cheaper slim unit, in which case your comment is a moot point as this issue would not have effected you anyway.

FoX_HounD_2ooX and SteelRush I agree, I have been with sony for a long time PS1, PS2, two premium Minidisc units (MD and HiMD) which they abandoned, a Sony field Recorder, Walkman, etc. Hundreds of games which I might add have all been purchased (not copied for PS1 and PS2) even though mod-chipping and coping was so prevalent. I have bought my fair share of products which are essentially all scrap now. For the first time I figured I would at least come out with a Linux machine after the console was long since dead and abandon.

So simply put this once great machine is now a hunk of junk.

Additionally, I am sure all the game developers are now elated that I can no longer purchase additional add-ons and content for the existing games I own, because I need the CellBE programming functionality and the linux os in general in my PS3.

Amendment @ 1:31 AM April 7, 2010.

The other matter which is further complicating the issue is they delete any post from the blog that is too long, or is unfavorable for their image. In effect censoring the issue and as a result downplaying the dissatisfaction of many.