Monday, January 4, 2010

Pickit 2 3.3v Voltage converter

I found a schematic online for a 3.3v logic converter for the Pickit 2, and decided to make a board for it. The key was making it very small. I wanted something I could just fit in my pocket with thePickit 2 programmer. The design has to be tested but the schematic looked sound. If you want a copy of the board in PDF to make your own just send me a message, its going to take me a little while to put the files on the server.

update: Jan 10, 2010


DANIEL said...

hello, could you help me with the picture please,

Brian Durocher said...

What do you need to know?

Be careful with the transistors. As to not insert them backwards.

To be honest I am going to revise the document to include Base, Collector, Emitter markings.

Mubashir Hawlk said...


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