Tuesday, September 18, 2007

War'ing Warhol's

Warhol how I love to hate you! Your multi-billion dollar glorious comodification of the art world. This object is so useless but holds such an important role. I still wonder why I carry it. Perhaps its obsessive. It hardly posses a burden on me.

Although I think of Ed Burtynsky's manufactured landscapes every time I look at it. How much waste resulted in your manufacturing, how marred is the landscape.

Oh how I hate this little object.


Elizabeth Phillips said...

muhaha. i doubt your hatred for the object. i personally think you love its randomness. admit it *shakes fist*

i like what your doing with this blog thus far sir.

Brian Durocher said...

Thanks so much. I do however, maintain my hatred for such useless objects. Perhaps if I recontextualize the use value of the object love would again percolate to the surface.

AmAnitA said...

I like your blog. I respect and admire your skills.