Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Amorphous Multiplicity

Amorphous blobs, contrived in linear fashion. How you remind me of Ukrainian Easter Egg's. This memory brings back feelings of nostalgia. Oh how we long to have you back, the friends the smells, the innocence of play. It was a simpler time, perhaps our relationship would not have been so strained had we met then. Oh how hindsight is 20/20.

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St. Gustav of Jericho said...

It is no surprise that the Russian mafia took great caution trying to prevent the dissemination of the wheel. They claim to have discovered it in 1708 but there is archaeological evidence that suggest it might have been as early as 1707. However this remains pure speculation, since most of archives and objects were destroyed when Mr. Durocher burnt down, in an episode of dementia, the St. Joseph Archaeological Museum in 1856 (described briefly by historian Gjozich Demetragov in his 'History of Fires and other Great Disasters of the 18th century'(1934)).